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Maximising the impact of patient stratification for clinical and economic benefit

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Integrated Medicines is a strategic consultancy bringing together expertise in biologics & pharmaceutical drug development, diagnostic testing and public policy. The focus of this expertise is a deep understanding of the economic value of precision medicines (PRx) and companion diagnostics (CDx) to all stakeholders in healthcare - particularly in the UK but also in the wider geographic regions of the EU, USA and Japan.

Having developed methods for describing the economic value of the PRx-CDx axis, our wider support develops the relationship into business and pricing activities that ultimately benefit patients and providers alike.

We have entered an exciting new phase in our offering in that we have now developed, under contract to the InnovateUK but with complete IP ownership, an economic model that articulates the clinical-, time- and economic-effectiveness of rapid diagnostic testing in the management of acute disease events, such as bacterial sepsis.